With our concept “At the Chef’s Table” we bring the best in the field together for you, with spect­acular evenings of collab­oration, passion for food and exploration.

Tribeca's chef, Jan Sobecki, has invited a phenom­enal group of chefs to come along with him behind the stove. To stimulate each other with crazy ideas, to share professional knowledge and to experiment together. Jan expressly has chosen those whose work inspires him deeply. Creating together an unparalleled experience for you, in which the signature of the chef is clearly to taste.


In our Open Kitchen, you are right where the action happens. Eye to eye with both chefs. Here we serve an extensive 12-course menu. The restaurant features an 8-course menu.


Kitchen Table

12 course menu

€ 165,-

Wine arragement

€ 110,-

All inclusive *

€ 295,-


8 course menu

€ 125,-

Wine arragement

€ 75,-

All inclusive *

€ 225,-

*Apiritif and amuses, wine and water arrangement and coffee or tea service.


Reservations can only be made via e-mail. We will inform you as soon as possible about the acceptance of your reservation.

Please share your preferences via e-mail:
- date/chef
- number of persons
- Kitchen Table or Restaurant
- diet wishes or allergies

Line Up

Tuesday January 30th 2018

Martin Kruithof
De Lindenhof **

Craftsmanship and creativity go hand in hand. Martin Kruithof's style is best typed as inventive and yet still classic. Inventive so that the discerning palate can also count on a surprise. And classic because he has a deep respect for core flavors. This combination of drives makes it easy to make each ingredient stand out.

Sunday March 25th 2018

Dennis Kuipers
Vinkeles *

From the beginning of 2006, the restaurant Vinkeles owes its distinctive character to the work of Dennis Kuipers and his team. Sharing a love for modern French cuisine and driven by the desire to perfect each element from which a dish is built.

Sunday May 20th 2018

Michel van der Kroft
’t Nonnetje **

Michel takes credit for the inventive, original and refined cuisine at restaurant 't Nonnetje. His passion combined with an unprecedented enthousiasm make unique identity which can be tasted in every dish. "Cooking with personality is very important for me. I want unique dishes you eat nowhere else! I actually think cooking is a form to put your soul on a plate and I do so with abandon. I want our guests to experience who I am and that I tell through my dishes."

Tuesday Juli 31 2018

Jarno Eggen
De Groene Lantaarn **

Jarno Eggen is head of restaurant De Groene Lantaarn, located in an old farmhouse (around 1780) in Zuidwolde Drenthe. "You can expect a surprising and creative visit with us. Only fresh quality products and whenever possible organic and regional products, including our herbal and vegetable garden, will be used. However, we do not want to restrict ourselves to these products, so you can expect to taste influences from all over the world."

Tuesday September 18th 2018 - fully booked

Syrco Bakker
Pure C *

Syrco Bakker has been one of the pillars of Sergio Herman for some time now. Schooled by chefs such as Jean-Georges Klein, Jonnie Boer and Gordon Ramsay, he is now leading the team of Pure C. Syrco Bakker breathes excitement, enthusiasm and inexhaustible creativity into his work. The award of a Michelin star in 2011 makes it clear: Syrco cooks in the top league of gastronomy.

Sunday January 27th 2019 (lunch)

Robin van de Bunt
De Leuf *

After the death of his father, Van de Bunt returned home to continue his life work together with the team of De Leuf. Full of pride in how the whole team of De Leuf's kept the thought and high quality of his father's cuisine alive. Van de Bunt developed his skills at various top companies and gained much knowledge and inspiration while traveling to Asia and Australia.

Sunday November 11th (lunch)

Richard van Oostenbrugge & Thomas Groot
Restaurant 212

With respect for the seasons, Bord'Eau, leads with pure, sophisticated ingredients, coupled with the most exclusive wines from all over the world, creating a true taste experience. Van Oostenbrugge begins with natural taste of each ingredient, allowing it to shine forth. His vision: The more you play with it, the more the natural taste of the dish is lost.

Thursday October 5th 2018 (lunch) - fully booked

Jonnie en Thérèse Boer
De Librije ***

De Librije has developed an eclectic signature. Using local products in comb­ination with the latest cooking techniques. An innovative kitchen with a global test from everywhere. Jonnie invites you into his world full of passion and love for food.

Tuesday December 19th 2018

Thijs Meliefste

Thijs Meliefste, with years of experience in the best restaurants in Europe, is leading the kitchen of Meliefste. With Restaurant Meliefste he sets Wolphaartsdijk on the culinary map. Thijs Meliefste's cooking art is pure and reflects an attention to nature. This philosophy is central to their restaurant in the Veerse Meer.