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At restaurant Tribeca, it's all about fair flavors. Pure. Back to traditional cooking, but solidly modern. Chef Sobecki's dishes are based on his global past, with worldwide learning schools from innovative America to classic Paris. A special combination of far and near, of sophistication and versatility. A global taste palette based on an authentic French basis.

In our 40 seat fine dining restaurant we serve several menus during lunch and dinner.

Tribeca Menu

oester biet, rabarber, zuring
mackerel kombucha, bergamot
razorclam* yuzu, green rice, butter
lobster nashipear, avocado, turnip
pieterman lovage, mango, fennel
gnocchi* parmesan, tomato melasse, basil
roe cherry, dade, banana
strawberry verbena, lemon, chocolate
  • 6 courses ** € 135
  • 8 courses ** € 165

**6 courses do not include dishes with *. 8 courses should be ordered before 20.30 hrs.

High end menu

northsea crab elderflower, bergamot, caviar
langoustine nashipear, avocado, turnip
tarbot winter truffle, jerusalem artichoke, onion
roe cherry, dade, banana
kagoshima wagyu asparagus, cepes, sorrel
strawberry verbena, lemon, chocolate
  • 6 courses * € 195

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