Tribeca's fine dining restaurant is all about honest flavors. Pure. Back to classic cooking, but in the present. Chef Sobecki's dishes give you a taste of his global past, with worldwide training schools from innovative America to classic Paris. A special combination of far and near, of refinement and versatility. A global taste palette, founded on an authentic French basis.

The restaurant can accommodate 40 guests and we serve a la carte dishes and various menus during lunch and dinner.

From 6 people we serve a predetermined menu in consultation.


  • White Asparagus € 26

    unripe strawberry, parsley, kombu

  • Sea bass € 30

    green apple, seaweed, lemon

  • Holstein rund € 36

    celeriac, sea urchin, black truffle

  • Oscietra caviar 'en gelée' € 65

    chocolate, hazelnut, sorbet

  • Oscietra Caviar 'tableware' € 120 / 285

    50 / 125 gram

Side dishes

  • Gnocchi € 28

    molasses, parmesan, basil

  • oosterschelde lobster day price

    white asparagus, morel, sea lavender

  • Norway lobster € 52

    black truffle, bacon, lovage

  • razor € 28

    lemon, horseradish, puffed rice

  • sweetbreads € 36

    spring onion, fenugreek, trout roe

Main dishes

  • green asparagus € 28

    butter, herbs, lime

  • tarbot € 52

    stew, vadouvan, potato

  • Camper lamb 'tasting' € 65

    shellfish, wild garlic, sea salad


    champignon, koriander, zoete ui (supplement kaviaar 40,-)

  • ANJOU PIGEON € 36 p.p.

    duck liver, white asparagus, black truffle
    per two persons

Tribeca Menu

Hamachic lemon, coriander, unripe strawberry
Green asparagus butter, herbs, lime
day catch stew, vadouvan, potato
sweetbreads spring onion, fenugreek, trout roe
lamb shellfish, wild garlic, sea salad
aarbei white chocolate, fennel flour, vanilla
  • 6 courses tribeca €145

On request we also serve a vegetarian menu.

High end menu

Sea bass green apple, seaweed, lemon
langoustine Jerusalem artichoke, bacon, black truffle
zonnevis oscietra kaviaar, peterselie, kool
lamsrug shellfish, wild garlic, sea salad
kagoshima wagyu mushroom, coriander, sweet onion
bosaardbei white chocolate, fennel blossom, soufflé
  • 6 courses high end €225

On request we also serve a vegetarian menu.

(as of January 1, our prices have been increased.)

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