Wijnselectie SVH Wijnmeester Roy Pelgrim – Restaurant Tribeca


Be surprised by the exquisite wine selection from SVH Winemaster Roy Pelgrim and his right-hand man Adriaan Visser. Together with assistant sommeliers Ricky Versluis and Joost Mengerink, they are happy to advise you in making a suitable choice.

Pilgrims ’signature is clearly recognizable in the wide selection of the wine list. Here you will find treasures from both the old wine world and the new wine world, from European gems to global wines, from renowned chateaux to innovative houses. Always in the rhythm of the weather. Always suitable for the seasons. This anthology is a current representation of the best that is currently available in the wine world.

Due to limited availability, it is possible that only one bottle of certain wines is available, we will inform you about that when choosing your wine.

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