Restaurant Tribeca

Don’t just dream, DO!

In 2016, we opened restaurant Tribeca in a small town called Heeze, in the Dutch province of Brabant. Tribeca has been achieving great heights from the very beginning. And every day when we open the doors, our hearts are filled with pride. Our dream has become reality, but we are looking forward to the future. We keep pushing the boundaries, daring and doing more each day. It is what drives us.

Less is more

Our global cuisine is character­ized by simplicity, quality and passion. We utilize French cuisine as our base, comple­menting with a wide range of inter­national accents. Conti­nuously looking for the best ingredients, and holding them as sacred. Honoring simplicity, flavor and pure ingredients. At Tribeca, you will see that less that is actually more.

Digging our hands in the rich Brabant soil

We are passionate about connecting with our produce source and enjoy working in the garden with our hands in the dirt. In the Tribeca garden, we grow extra­ordinary heirloom and artisanal varieties of vegetables, plants and herbs in our vegetable garden. At Tribeca, nature determines what's on the menu. In the morning we harvest, in the evening on your plate. It doesn’t get more direct than this.