Lieve gast,

op dit moment zijn wij gesloten i.v.m. met ons jaarlijkse kerstverlof t/m 18 januari 2022

Wij wensen u alvast een mooie jaarwisseling en de beste wensen voor 2022!

Met gastvrije groet,

Jan, Claudia en Team Tribeca

Less is more

Our global cuisine is characterized by simplicity, quality, and passion. We utilize French cuisine as our base, complementing with a wide range of international accents. Continuously looking for the best ingredients and holding them as sacred. Honoring simplicity, flavor, and pure ingredients. At Tribeca, you will see that less that is actually more.

Overwhelming, global, and versatile. Refined and balanced. Gastronomy at the highest level, with an accessible character. Traveling through our culinary world together. Come and enjoy. Come with us.

Tribeca: our gastronomic triangle

Tribeca is named after the New York neighborhood of Tribeca, or "Triangle Below Canal Street". Jan Sobecki worked there for years. In Heeze we have created our own triangle between work, family, and friends.

We would like to invite you to be part of it. Because we love to enjoy together.

Digging our hands in the rich Brabant soil.

We are passionate about connecting with our produce source and enjoy working in the garden with our hands in the dirt. In the Tribeca garden at Constance van Dijk we grow extraordinary heirloom and artisanal varieties of vegetables, plants, and herbs in our vegetable garden.

At Tribeca, nature determines what's on the menu. In the morning we harvest, in the evening on your plate. It doesn’t get more direct than this.
’s avonds op uw bord.

Kitchen Table
Take a seat at the Kitchen Table, in the center of the kitchen. This is where the magic happens.
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Come and taste chef Sobecki's wordwide experience. Back to traditional cooking, but solidly modern.
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Have lunch at Tribeca, a great opportunity to get acquainted with Tribeca in an accessible way.
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Exclusive packages, seasonal specialties and holiday menus with a golden edge. All specials can be found here.
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